Building Renewals

At GACE, we strongly believe that the creative renewal of older buildings can be an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to building new. We are passionate about building preservation, and enjoy breathing life into unused or dilapidated structures by turning them into functional and beautiful spaces.

We have designed some of New York’s most famous and successful rehabilitation projects, such as Chelsea Market (formerly the Nabisco factory, the 1 million square-foot building is now the home of the NYC’s finest gourmet marketplace as well as the Food Network, NY1, Google, the Oxygen Network, MLB Productions, and other offices), and the Landmark conversion of 443 Greenwich Street in TriBeCa.

As with our new construction projects, GACE typically assigns one team to work on building renewals, from initial investigations through construction. We find that early stage collaboration on the project contributes to an enhanced understanding of the project goals and a better design.