When providing Façade Repair/Renovation services our goal is to develop innovative and practical solutions tailored to the individual building and their unique façade problems.

Although the surface expression (such as cracking or movement of masonry elements) of any façade issue may be recent, the underlying deterioration has probably been progressing over many years. Thus, uncovering and addressing the underlying issues is critical in the development of long term and durable fixes. The starting point for our Façade Team is to isolate the cause or causes of the problem through a thorough investigation. With this information we begin the process of developing appropriate and affordable repair details and drawings for filing with the Building Department and obtaining bids/pricing for the repair work. The repairs may include rehabilitation of existing structural framing as well as architectural elements.

Some of the services our Façade Team offer include:

  • Façade Inspection Safety Program as required by DOB NOW: Safety (previously known as Local Law 11/98)
    • Exterior Restoration
    • Historic Preservation
    • Condition Assessment Surveys